Mimi Verderame, percusie

He learns his basics in drumming at the age of six. At fourteen he attends courses at the Academy of Music in Liège (Belgium) and simultaneously takes up work as a studio musician At the same age, he discovers a new passion: the guitar. He spends hours listening to the great jazz musicians and learns on his own the guitar. He starts composing and writing arrangements...He has his debut as a jazz drummer at the age of 17 with the alto saxophone player Jacques Pelzer.Rapidly Mimi Verderame asserts his position in jazz


Trad op met ons koor:
19/12/2015 Geraardsbergen - "Zingende Kerst ? Swingende Kerst"
17/12/2016 Nederboelare- Kerstconcert "Dreamin' of a Jazzy Xmass"
18/12/2016 Ninove- Kerstconcert "Dreamin' of a Jazzy Xmass"
23/12/2016 Halle- Kerstconcert "Dreamin' of a Jazzy Xmass"
16/12/2017 Nederboelare - Kerstconcert "Hoop"
22/12/2017 Halle - Kerstconcert "Hoop"